Monday, 11 February 2013

BRAD - Islington Academy 10/02/13

Perhaps, being February, it's a bit early to be making nominations for gig of the year, but I can't believe that anyone will better the peformance I saw last night at the Islington Academy. I've been a fan of Brad since their first album, Shame, came out in 1993 (can it really be twenty years ago?!) and never dared to hope that they would play the UK. Finally getting to see them was most definitely an emotional experience. Pearl Jam are a good band, but they're simply not in the same league as Stone Gossard's funky, soulful, rocking side project. Apologies for the grainy iPhone photos, but perhaps they capture some of the atmosphere of last night's gig.

I didn't shoot this YouTube footage myself, but I was standing about three feet from the guy who did, so this is pretty much how I witnessed the gig. It should give you a feel for the band's performance and the audience's enthusiasm. I just love the soulful fragility of Shawn Smith's voice and the way Stone Gossard's guitar solo escalates. Immense!

I'll hold my hand up and admit that this post has nothing to do with vinyl (I don't even own any Brad on wax), but hey, it's all music, right?!

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