Thursday, 3 April 2014

Judie Tzuke Gets A 'Tache

There always seems to be someone trying to palm off their shoddy, misguided vinyl crafts on us record enthusiasts - usually a 'stunning' fruit bowl fashioned out of a melted Paul Young LP, or a set of 'beautiful' drinks coasters made from the hacked-out centre labels of a bunch of car boot sale finds that the desperate seller, not having the first idea of how to grade or describe records, failed to shift in their un-butchered state. Inevitably, these hobbyists' abominations are aimed at the well-meaning friends and relations of record collectors who, in a misguided attempt to buy the collector in their life a gift they might like, miss the mark by a country mile. I have friends who are cat lovers, but I have never deemed it appropriate on their birthdays to give them gift-wrapped, feline body parts in recognition of their moggy love. Leave our vinyl alone!

That said, I stumbled upon this on ebay today and couldn't help but laugh and, when I'd stopped laughing, I found myself actually wanting to own this item because it is so hilariously shit.

When the creator of this (inevitably 'stunning') clock was choosing a record sleeve to turn into a timepiece, did it not occur to him that the market for blonde, conflagrant, winged rabbits might be so niche as to be virtually non-existent. Judie Tzuke is an attractive woman, whose looks are definitely not enhanced by a Terry Thomas-style moustache, but damn it if I'm not tempted to make a purchase!

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