Tuesday, 19 November 2013


It's been a while! My laptop has decided to die on me. It's been a long, drawn out death with the plucky machine still holding on by the tips of its micro chips. I'll keep this brief as it's likely to spit out its dummy at any moment.

I saw these items listed on eBay and thought that they were a nice addition to my earlier post bemoaning the state of some of the photos people use to sell their LPs. Initially, when I saw the snaps, I applauded the seller for using a visual pun on the albums' titles to add interest to his listings. What a genius, using a spot of visual humour to boost his chances of flogging some two-a-penny LPs! Err, perhaps not. I soon realised that all his LPs were photographed in the same way regardless of their title. Oh well, accident or design, it still tickled me!

Meat Loaf LP going like a Bat Out of Hell!

'Rush Through Time' by Rush inhabiting another dimension

Here's where I began to twig that the seller might not be a master of photographic wit....

Iron Maiden's 'Number of the Beast'

No, that last one doesn't quite work, does it!? Whatever, get yourself over to eBay while you still can. These albums are going quick!

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