Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Face Fungus Of The Day

Okay, everything I was saying in my previous post about being able to judge a book by its cover or, rather, what an album sounds like from its artwork, forget it! Chilliwack's Breakdown In Paradise has such a gobsmackingly dreadful piece of cover art that I suspect I have the only copy ever sold.

Going cheep

What were they thinking? It's a real shame too as the LP contains some top notch Canadian AOR. With Loverboy's debut, REO Speedwagon's Hi Infidelity, and strong releases from Journey, Touch, Harlequin, Triumph, Prism, Le Roux and a host of other bands with the same target audience all competing for sales in 1980, how did the band expect this sleeve to help their album leap out of the racks? Fortunately, anyone whose curiosity was sufficiently piqued by a collage of budgies to flip the sleeve over, was rewarded with a magnificent group photo that left the viewer in no doubt that what we had here was a proper ROCK band: satin shirts slashed to the waist, copious chest hair, girly tresses and... a beret! Perhaps I'll do a feature on berets in Rock at some point: a much maligned item of Rock 'n' Roll regalia. But, all of this is beside the point. The purpose of this post is to highlight an outstanding contribution to facial hair on an album sleeve. John Roles is credited with guitar and backing vocals in the sleeve notes, but surely his in-no-way-only-popular-with-men-of-a-certain-sexual-proclivity facial adornment deserves its own mention. Hell, it deserves its own tour bus!

Form an orderly queue ladies...

THAT is the moustache that I threaten my wife with when I shave off too many days' stubble at the end of a long week. It lasts about as long as it takes to be reminded that I can't have a tattoo or a motorbike either. Now where's my beret...?

It has to be a '9'

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  1. That's some 'tache.
    John here.I too have a blog...but it's shit.
    I like the face fungus-ometer,i'll be scoring an 8 until i shave next.Who can be arsed.